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Cubbi is a box for your smoking essentials. Sleek, airtight, and smell proof, cubbi delivers the carefree smoking experience you deserve. Ships in May!

  • 100% smell proof
  • hardwood rolling tray
  • 5-piece premium grinder included
  • integrated air-tight flower chamber for up to 10 grams
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" Cubbi makes smoking feel less grungy and more grown up. All it seems to be missing is an ashtray. "

- Tyler Chin (Gear Patrol)


"Finally! A stash box that looks good. I can't wait to show this thing off in my living room"

- Eric Bergstrom (Los Angeles)

Smoking made simple

Cubbi dramatically simplifies the smoking experience. To reduce the number of parts needed to smoke, we got rid of the jar and built a first-of-it's kind flower chamber directly into the box. The result? A simple design that compliments any room it sits in. 

Product specs

9.50 in
3.60 in
5.75 in
10 grams
100% air tight
Always Fresh

Don’t want your room smelling of herb? No problem - cubbi has TWO airtight seals. The first seal is for the airtight flower chamber. The second is on the lid, which prevents unwanted odors from seeping out. 

Roll with Ease

Flower, a grinder, and a lighter: the three things that every smoker needs. Cubbi holds all three – in addition to a hardwood rolling tray – and provides the perfect prepping station to use them.

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Ships June 10th